Exterior Hartford Tire and Tube, with library signs


A photograph of the wooden exterior of a shop that carries and installs Hartford tires and tubes. The shop front and door include windows. A sign on the front reads 'HARTFORD tires, tubes.' Among several other signs on the building are two that advertise library services. One reads 'Free Public LIBRARY Station.' The other sign reads 'Public Library BOOK MASON stops here.' Deposit stations housed small collections of library books in support of the free library movement in the early 1900s.

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Hartford Tire and Tubes

I have a small pocket knife which was my fathers with Hartford Tire and Tubes engraved on the one side of the knife and Reilly Bros. & Raub  Distributors  engraved on the other side. I wish I could send you a picture of it. My grandfather and my father worked their entire lives at Reily Bros. & Raub. My Grandfather was half owner and my father was the store comptroller. RB&R obviously sold Hartford's products. Nowadays, manufacturers don't seem to send out much more then cheep pens and the like. Any ideas what this knife would be worth? I'm not really looking to part with it but curious if it has and monetary value. Thank you. 

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