Officers of Vancouver Avenue Baptist Church


This photograph of the church board features (left to right) Deacon C.C. McCorvey, Deacon Trevol V. Mason, Willie Abel, Deacon U.P. Canno, Deacon Basel Mason, Deacon John Sylvester, Reverend Roosevelt Rogers; seated is Reverend O.B. Williams. The group is pictured next to their building at 1914 N. Vancouver in 1947 (subsequently this property was razed for the construction of I-5). Started as the First Baptist Church of Burton Homes in 1944 Vancouver, Washington the church moved twice after V-Day with the closing of the eponymous Burton Homes and Bagley Downs housing projects, prompting a move to segregated Portland’s burgeoning Black enclave in the Albina neighborhood in 1946. After briefly occupying the Prince’s Hall Masonic Temple at 116 NE Russell, the congregation purchased the building in this image in 1947 and began holding services there after three months of extensive rehabilitation work. It was at this location the congregation took its current name Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church. As more African Americans were forced to settle in Albina the congregation relocated to a more spacious church at N. Vancouver and Fargo where they continue worship.

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