Original location of Widmer Brothers Brewery


Photograph of the original location of Widmer Brothers Brewery. The company was located at 14th and NW Lovejoy in the Pearl District until moving to the Russell Street location in 1990.

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Where was it?

This photo is such a tight closeup on the building, I can't get any sense for where the building actually was!  Does anyone know its address or location?

That is a great question

That is a great question Emily Jane! This article states that the original location was 14th and NW Lovejoy in the Pearl District.

I read somewhere that a

I read somewhere that a Keybank is where Widmer used to be. Also, I went to Google street view and compared the bank building with the picture above. The trim along the top, pipe behind the door, gas meter out front, and windows are the same. That giant door with the car has been replaced with a glass window and door.

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