Luisa Espinel, Diseuse, assisted by Nino Herschel, Pianist, "Song Pictures of Spain", Grand Ballroom, Multnomah Hotel, January 31, 1929


Concert program for Ruth Creed Matinee Musicales presentation of Luisa Espinel, diseuse, assisted by Nino Herschel, pianist, performing "Song Pictures of Spain", folk music and art music of various regions of Spain. Worthy of note, Luisa Ronstadt Espinel was the aunt of internationally famous popular music singer Linda Ronstadt. Ms. Espinel herself was renowned for her dramatic performances of folk songs and dances, acting as well as singing the music, which earned her the title of diseuse. She traveled to Europe in 1924, researching songs and dances dating back to the thirteenth century at libraries and museums in Spain and France. For this concert, she performed folk songs of the North in Asturian costume, folk songs of the Levant (Spanish Mediterranean coastal region) in Valencian costume, and three Spanish art songs (by Nin, de Falla, and Chapi) in Gypsy costume. Mr. Herschel performed two piano works by Padre Antonio Soler between Ms. Espinel's folk song segments, and two piano works by Albeniz and de Falla between Ms. Espinel's Levant folk song and art song segments.

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January 31, 1929



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