Jenny Lind as sung by Frieda Hempel, Auditorium, May 14, 1925


Concert program for a recreation of a Jenny Lind concert of 1850, performed by Frieda Hempel, German soprano. Miss Hempel was assisted by Mr. Coenraad V. Bos, a Dutch pianist, and Mr. Louis P. Fritze, an American flautist. Miss Hempel originally performed the Jenny Lind concert at the request of the Swedish Societies of New York. They wished to honor the famous Swedish soprano on the centennial of her October 6, 1820 birth. They chose Miss Hempel because of her beautiful soprano voice and also because of her similarity in looks to Jenny Lind. Miss Hempel followed the program of that original concert, in a gown replicating that of Jenny Lind, in concert on October 6, 1920, in New York. It was a very successful concert, and she repeated it at other locations during the 1920's. At the Portland concert, as at others, she was dressed in the style of Jenny Lind in 1850. According to a concert review article in the May 15 Oregonian, Mr. Bos and Mr. Fritze were also "quaintly attired" in 1850's style. The program followed the wording and style of the Barnum programs used for Jenny Lind's American concerts (Jenny Lind came to America in 1850 at the invitation of P. T. Barnum and gave concerts for him before continuing to tour America under her own management). Miss Hempel sang a Mozart aria and songs by Handel, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn and others, including a Norwegian melody known as "The Echo Song," for which she played her own accompaniment as Jenny Lind had done, and Bird Song by Taubert, which had been composed for Miss Lind and sung by her for the first time in Boston in 1850. Mr. Bos accompanied Miss Hempel on the piano and also played piano solos by Chopin, Mendelssohn and Soebeck. Mr. Fritze provided flute accompaniment on one number and played solo flute works by Theobald Boehm and Beethoven.

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