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Label design for Cross Pollination Honey Belgian Triple, one of Migration Brewing Company's Migrator Series of seasonal single batch one-off beers. Cross Pollination was released at Migration's New Year's Eve celebration December 31, 2013, which was also a celebration of the new space acquired when the adjacent Mexican restaurant/tapas bar Blue Agave closed. On the label and also on the board behind the bar the spelling is 'Triple'. However, 'Tripel' is a style of beer from the European lowlands. The name 'Tripel' stems from part of the brewing process, in which brewers use up to three times the usual amount of malt. A December 12, 2013 beer bulletin article by Nathan Tucker on the 'Portland Monthly' site called Cross Pollination a champagne beer and said that Migration's version of the traditionally Belgian beer style used Meridian Hops and 65 pounds of local honey from Bee Local [a local company], giving meaning to the name "Cross Pollination" and to the bee flying among the hops pictured on the label. It was released both on draft and in wax dipped 750ml bottles.

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