Migration Brewing Company


Established: 2010
Founders: Colin Rath, Eric Banzer-Lausberg, McKean Banzer-Lausberg, and Mike Branes
Brewer: Mike Branes
Location: 2828 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97232
Specialties: Sessionable ales and IPAs
Fun Facts:

  • The Wilderness Red Ale is made with three different Oregon hop varieties, each representative of one of the state’s wilderness areas: Mt. Hood, Santiam, and Cascade.
  • Clem’s Cream Ale is named after co-founders Eric and McKean Banzer-Lausberg’s father.
  • Migration’s annual “Migrating Towards a Cure” event helps raise money for families coping with serious illnesses or disabilities. The party-like fundraiser was started in 2012 to help a local family close to the brewpub’s founders.

Opened in 2010 by four friends, Migration was designed to welcome a creative, diverse bunch. Homebrewer Mike Branes reflected this approach in his brew plans, aiming for well-crafted beers that “appeal to newbies and hopheads alike.”

Since its opening, Migration has become a popular place for patrons to savor some beer and cheer on their favorite Portland sports teams. The brewpub offers live showings of every Trailblazers and Timbers game; local loyalty runs so strong that Migration’s perennial porter is named after Blazer legend Terry Porter. These game showings, along with live music and DJed events, quickly overcrowded the original brewpub. When neighboring Blue Agave closed in 2013, Migration expanded to include the building they now call the “Annex.”

In true Portland fashion, Migration promotes responsible stewardship of the planet through its own business practices. Bike racks and open patio space encourage patrons to walk or cycle to grab their beer and brews are made with local ingredients. In 2014, Migration created its Wilderness Red Ale to celebrate environmental nonprofit Oregon Wild’s fortieth anniversary.