Sasquatch Brewing Company


Founder: Tom Sims
Brewers: Tom Sims, Mike Paladino, and Steve Neely
Location: 6440 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland, OR 97239
Specialties: Sessionable brews like Oregon Session Ale and Woodboy Dry-Hopped IPA, as well as a new line of ciders
Fun Facts:

  • Sasquatch occasionally holds kids’ open mic nights.
  • Every Sasquatch bottle contains a quote from famed Oregon governor Tom McCall.
  • The Sasquatch motif spills into the kitchen, where tasting trays are shaped like giant feet.

Although its name harkens images of gigantic proportions, Sasquatch’s small brewery operates with only a 7-barrel system. Seven year-round brews and one or two seasonals can be found on tap at any given time. Favorites like the Oregon Session Ale and Woodboy Dry-Hopped IPA are not only highly drinkable, but pair well with the brewpub’s touted dishes. Popular dishes like the deep-fried kimchi pickles have given the brewpub unprecedented praise for its menu.

Sasquatch also dabbles in other libations, with a number of local taps offered in addition to their own line of semi-dry New West Ciders. Local vintners are also featured behind the bar, with several local wines on rotation. Despite these additions, Sasquatch remains concentrated on its hop-made offerings. Sims and his team “brew what they like to drink” and work hard to perpetuate the kind of brewpub experience they themselves would like to have.From the beer to the tap handles, Sasquatch is the product of hand-crafting. 

Patrons can lounge at the bar with friends, help their kiddos rummage through the provided game bin, or soak up some sun on the front patio. Sims’ mission has led to a family-friendly atmosphere and reputation for community involvement via its support of local and sustainable farmers.