Jooss European Ballet, Portland Public Auditorium, November 28, 1936


Program for the third attraction of the Ellison-White Bureau's 1936-37 season, the Jooss European Ballet with director, Kurt Jooss. All choreography and and production of the ballets was by Mr. Jooss in collaboration with Mme. Aino Siimola. Musical direction was by F. A. Cohen. F. A. Cohen, F. Waldman or E. Bilteliff accompanied on the piano. Stage manager was H. Mendt. The program covers two performances, both given on November 28, 1936. The afternoon matinee included performances of ballets "The Big City", music by Alexandre Tansman, "Pavane", music by Maurice Ravel, and "Johann Strauss...Tonight!", music by Johann Strauss. Included in the matinee was "Interlude: Chaconne" by Henry Purcell, a work not described in the program. The evening included performances of "Ballade", ballet from an old French folk song, music by John Colman (free variations on the same song), a repeat performance of "Big City", "A Ball in Old Vienna", music by Joseph Lanner, arranged by F. A. Cohen, and "The Green Table", music by F. A. Cohen.

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November 28, 1936



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