Technical Room, Central Library


A view from the northeast corner of the Technical Room (later the Government Documents Room) located on the second floor of Central Library. The room has a mezzanine level, which is accessed via the staircase that can be seen in the left side of the photo (the southeast corner). The mezzanine is surrounded by a wooden railing, and contains bookshelves lined with books. On the western wall, the mezzanine is supported by large wooden bookshelves placed at intervals to create several small alcoves of books. Each alcove is lighted by a small white translucent light affixed to its ceiling. On the main floor of the Technical Room are several long wooden reading tables with chairs. A small desk, presumably for the staff, is located near the staircase. The south wall on the main floor has shelving for thinner pamphlets and similar reading materials. A book truck can be seen resting in one of the alcoves, and double doors with round windows can be seen leading to the Reference Room. Transcribed from back of photo: 'Technical Rm. Central Library'.

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