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Badge for Irish Pale Ale (IPA), a Kells standard brew and one of its in-house brewed beers from early days. A blue O-shaped oval is outlined in green, inside and outside. The Kells logo with Irish harp, the same logo used in Kells restaurant/pubs on the West Coast, appears printed in gold on a blue ribbon across the center part of the O. The words IPA IRISH PALE ALE appear in green letters underneath the logo, and a small shield with a symbol similar to the one on the Kells Brew Pub sign, a green shamrock in front of what appears to be hops and leaves over two hands grasping what appear to be grain stalks, appear above the logo. Printed in gold inside the lower half of the O is BREWED IN PORTLAND OREGON with small shamrocks above the beginning and end of the phrase.

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