Gigantic Brewing Company


Established: 2012
Founders & Brewers: Ben Love and Van Havig
Location: 5224 SE 26th Ave., Portland, OR 97202
Specialty: Creating “new interpretations of classic styles,” in addition to the “best damn IPA in Portland, Oregon.”
Awards: 2013 Mondial de la Biere Festival Platinum Medal--The End of Reason; 2014 World Beer Cup Wood and Barrel Aged Beer Gold Medal--Pipewrench2
Fun Facts:

  • Gigantic commissions new artwork from local artists for each limited edition brew. Posters of each piece are available for purchase.
  • Since Gigantic never creates the same brew twice (save for its standard IPA), many of its recipes are placed online for homebrewers to replicate.

Co-founders and brewers Ben Love and Van Havig operate under one simple rule: “never give an inch.” Determined to create “exceptional beer, rather than a lot of beer,” the duo takes pride in Gigantic’s consistent quality and (ironically) small size. Instead of a brewpub, Gigantic owns a single brewhouse, where visitors are encouraged to chat with friends, enjoy beer or champagne, and fill their growlers to go. The Taphouse & Champagne Lounge typically offers 4-6 Gigantic brews, as well as several other guest brews on tap. Only the Gigantic IPA is offered year round. 
“When you drink Gigantic,” the brewers say on their website, “know that we didn’t just put our names on the label – our effort, imagination, and dry wit are in every bottle.”