Dr. DeNorval Unthank and children


In 1969, Portland dedicated five acres of Albina Park to Dr. DeNorval Unthank for his contributions to the community and for his civil rights activism. He is shown here with sisters Terry (left) and Dorris Alexander. During his time in Portland Denorval Unthank would serve the black community as both physician and civil rights leader. Dr. Unthank moved to Portland in 1929 after graduating from Howard University to treat black employees at the Union Pacific Railway and in a few years he would be the only African-American physician in Portland. Early in his career, Dr. Unthank was forced to relocate both his private practice and home after opposition from white residents. Dr. Unthank would later lead the fight against such injustice as co-founder of the Urban League & head of the NAACP. He would also faithfully serve the community, both black & white, as a trusted physician until his retirement in 1970. Find more information on Dr. DeNorval Unthank in the Oregon Encyclopedia https://oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/unthank_denorval_1899_1977_/#.Wvn5fKQvxaQ

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May 26, 1969



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