City of Unity Rainbow Rally


After Mulugeta Seraw, a black college student, was beaten to death by skinheads in 1988, City Commissioner Dick Bogle organized a “City of Unity Rainbow Rally” in Portland Pioneer Square, with the help of other state leaders, including then-Secretary of State Barbara Roberts (seated, far left). This photograph was originally published in the Skanner News. Learn more about Richard “Dick” Bogle from the Oregon Encyclopedia

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Date error

Hi, the murder of Mulugeta Seraw happened November 13, 1988; your description has the date as 1989. Thank you som much for your work and for sharing & archiving. Love the library!

Thank you for the correction

Hello Moe,

Thank you for bringing this error to our attention. I have updated the date in this description as well as added the name Mulugeta Seraw. 


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