The Hoppy Brewer / Krauski’s Brewskis


Established: 2010
Founder & Brewer: Steve Krause
Location: 328 North Main Avenue, Gresham, OR 97030
Specialty: 15-45 gallon batches of hoppy IPAs
Fun Facts:

  • Krauski’s Brewskis is considered a nanobrewery.
  • Without a fully-operating kitchen, Krauski’s invites patrons to bring food from local eateries to enjoy with a fresh brew.

In 2010, Krause created his own supply shop, calling it the Hoppy Brewer. The homebrewer’s haven includes brewing equipment, bar accessories, ingredients, and even apparel. Brewing aficionados can purchase supplies and ingredients sourced around the globe. And for patrons looking to slake their thirst, the Hoppy Place provides twenty-eight rotating Oregon microbrews and more than 250 bottles for sale.

In 2013, Krause added his own brews to the tap list. A combination bottle shop-homebrew supply store-taproom-brewery, The Hoppy Brewer extends the craft brew craze beyond Portland, into the suburban area of Gresham. Local resources like hops picked by the Gresham Mashers Homebrew Club keep the operation small in scale and high in community connections.

One such connection was created in 2015 with the advent and sponsorship of Solfest, a festival benefiting SnowCap Community Charities. Krauski’s Brewskis provided drinks in conjunction with several neighboring eateries for the first annual event.  A portion of the proceeds went directly to the nonprofit organization, which provides clothes and food for those in need.