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Logo design for the Migration Brewing Company's Migrator Series. According to an October 10, 2012 article in 'Brewpublic', Migration Brewing announced a new single batch one-off series of beers known as the Migrator Series. There were three releases in this series with the theme "Big Beers" in 2012. The first, released in October, was The Scottish Tartan; the second, released in November, was Feel the Rath; the third, released in December, was Frankie Clause. The series, with changing themes, has continued over time. This design depicts swifts circling the chimney of Chapman Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, a stop on their autumn migration south. This annual event at Chapman Elementary draws crowds of Portlanders and visitors alike to watch the swifts settle into the chimney each evening until the birds continue on their journey to warmer temperatures for the winter. The migration of swifts is an excellent representation of the migration/movement theme of this series and of the company itself. On posters and beer labels, etc., the name MIGRATOR SERIES appears in caps below the design, and beneath the series name is the capital M with arrow which is Migration Brewing Company's logo. On each side of the M, replacing the original wings which were removed in the summer of 2012 due to a cease and desist order filed by the Multnomah Athletic Club, are two heads of grain.

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