Laurelwood Brewing Workhorse IPA tap handle


This tap handle from Laurelwood Brewing Co. features their best-selling brew, the Workhorse IPA. The label design is quickly recognized by many as being the winner at the National IPA Championship in 2009 and the Gold Medal winner at the World Beer Championship in 2011.

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Workhorse tap handle

i would like to purchase a workhorse tap handle for my husband to use on his kegerator  for his birthday.  Do you have one for sale?

Thank you for the question


Thank you for your question about this tap handle. This page is part of an online collection at Multnomah County Library. You will need to contact the brewery directly with this question. I found their contact information on their webpage.

Erica Findley

Cataloging/Metadata Librarian

Multnomah County Library

Yes I have one for sale

I will sell you one of my tap if your interested leave me some contact info

Tap for sale

Hello Joh,

We are not purchasing materials for this collection at this time. I would suggest contacting Laurelwood Brewing to see if they might be interested. Their contact information is on their website.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about our collection,

Erica Findley

Cataloging/Metadata Librarian

Multnomah County Library 

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