Black United Front School Board Protest, April 12, 1982


Linell Hill was the Black United Front’s head of security and labor committee chairman. Hill was also heavily involved with the longshoremen’s union, serving as Vice President of ILWU Locals 92 and 8, despite being lead plaintiff against the latter in a 1968 discrimination lawsuit. Hill was also a member of the Portland Police Auxiliary from 1967 to 1969. In 1976 he was honored by the city of Portland and officially named a “hero” for intervening physically by placing his finger between the hammer and firing pin of a pistol when a man attempted to shoot a police officer during a traffic dispute. This photo was taken during a Portland School Board Meeting on April 12th of 1982. This protest by the Black United Front, the second in as many weeks, was prompted by the school board’s decision to renege on a promise made as part of a previously negotiated desegregation plan to place a magnet program at Eliot School and rename the site Harriet Tubman Middle School. The board balked and decided to instead house the institution at the Boise School, an idea that was previously rejected by the BUF. Incensed by the betrayal, the group disrupted board meetings until the decision was reversed.

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April 12, 1982



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